Astral Sciences in Mesopotamia (Handbook of Oriental Studies)

By Hermann Hunger, David Pingree

Astronomy and astrology, or the astral sciences, performed a big, if now not key position within the political and spiritual lifetime of the traditional close to East, and of the Greek and Roman international. this article offers a complete account of the origins of the astral sciences within the historic close to East. all types of Sumerian or Akkadian textual content facing descriptive or mathematical astronomy, together with many person drugs are completely handled. It additionally good points descriptions of astronomical contents, an evidence in their clinical which means, and where a given style or capsule has within the improvement of astronomy either in the Mesopotamian tradition and outdoors of it.

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NA or 2 DAL. BA. AN. NA MIN. the tip of S, which additionally had 3 stars (the identify of 1 is changed through fie-pi), is: GÁN GIM Ú r 2 DALlB[A. AN. N]A DAL. BA. AN. NA MUL fre-pi a-na $u-ub-bi-i he-pi; the MUL indicates the identify of a mah-ru megastar, changed besides mah-ru ŠÁR by way of the 1st fre-pi, however the moment fie-pi replaces anything targeted. And AA, which names stars via a holiday during which a 3rd celebrity could have been named, has: GÁN GIM Ú 2 DAL. BA. AN. NA by way of a holiday. This facts shows that the words "field like a forearm" and "2 periods, period" or "2 periods, ditto" fit. If Koch's identifications of the celebs are right, the forearm is built of 2 stars of roughly exact declination and a 3rd at a significantly better or decrease declination; the determine will be virtually vertical while its midpoint lay at the meridian. DÙ-SM 104 bankruptcy part m initially named 4 stars, of which the identify of the fourth is lacking; it ends: [χ χ] χ NA BI KUN BI χ [.... ]. ΝΑ BI KUN BI capability: "its position(? ) its tail. " Koch restores: [GU TU ? ]-[LU ? ] NA BI KUN BI [KUR ? ]. We see no justification for calling this a "slack string", nor can we comprehend the which means of "its place [reaches] its tail. " the single a part of this translation that has a few chance is KUN. BI "its tail", simply because KUN is a comparatively infrequent signal. If Koch's recovery have been right, the broken symptoms must healthy LU and KUR respectively. This, in response to Walker's transliteration, doesn't appear to be die case. NA should be simply the tip of a bunch of symptoms that's partially damaged. the total team of indicators can't, in our opinion, be used to revive die lacking famous person identify and to attract conclusions from it. part I, after naming 3 stars (the identify of the second one is missing), writes: three MUL m e Š ták si (written DAG SI via Koch). this could suggest anything like: "3 stars (whose) position is flourishing" if SI = SI. SÁ; Koch takes it to intend: "3 stars: ordered path. " we don't comprehend the importance of both translation. furthermore, DAG doesn't function a logogram for rapādu "to run around"; in basic terms the compound ŠU-DAG is translated through rapādu in lexical texts. as a minimum, rapādu is planless operating, the other of "ordered course". And DAG can suggest "dwelling position" (Akk. šubtu). What it truly is right here continues to be doubtful. ultimately, there's the matter posed through MUL dil-bat m A, B, E, F, H, J, M, T, and okay. In an astronomical context one expects this word to indicate the planet Venus, although it can be suggestion diat a planet is beside the point for point out during this textual content. it really is notable that every time it happens it really is by means of the identify of a constellation, the "Old Man", "Anunītu", or the "Bull of Heaven". Koch's clarification is that MUL dil-bat potential "the fust star", taking dil-bat as a writing of mah-ru. it isn't transparent on what foundation he does this, yet dil-bat is a Sumerian identical of Akkadian nebû (or nabû) "bright, brilliant". and there's a "bright superstar of the previous guy" (= α or η Persei ?

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