GURPS Martial Arts

By Peter Dell'Orto

Inscrutable masters from hidden temples. designated Forces infantrymen. Swashbuckling pirates. Bare-chested brawlers.
GURPS Martial Arts brings battling kinds from all through historical past to Fourth version. From well known Asian bare-handed concepts to eu strive against arts to very good non-human education, this e-book balances real looking ancient colleges with cinematic feats from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hollywood. Recreate the best warring parties on this planet, or create a method to slot a brand new crusade, Martial Arts has the suggestions and directions you wish.
now not all wrestle strategies map to ideas and kinds, even though. Many require extensions to the wrestle approach itself, so Martial Arts expands at the wrestle and harm principles from GURPS easy Set. a few of these additions are hugely reasonable, whereas others are tremendous cinematic - yet they are all not obligatory, permitting the GM to make a decision which ideas practice. Customizing the GURPS wrestle method hasn't ever been more straightforward.
This ebook replaces and expands at the info and principles from the former version of GURPS Martial Arts for 3rd variation.

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Pandora's Book (Promethean: the Created)

By Jess Hartley, Justin Achilli, Wood Ingham, Joseph Carriker

Interest Kills, desire Abides

At the ground of Pandora’s field is Elpis, the desire for a brand new existence. The Created understand this — they suppose the Elpis calling to them, guiding them on their Pilgrimage. yet to arrive this chic kingdom, they need to struggle their approach in the course of the evils of the realm. earlier the Hundred passed, these Prometheans who decide to exalt Flux. earlier the Pandorans, creatures born from the mess ups of the Created. throughout the Firestorms, rains of blood, worry and hearth. Following the beckoning of the qashmallim, the frenzy onwards, ever trying to find Hope.

This booklet includes:

• specific details at the many manifestations of Flux and Pyros, together with the enigmatic qashmallim

• lethal new enemies for the Created

• "Sheltering Storm," a continuation of the "Water of Life" tale began in Promethean: The Created, set in New Orleans

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Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Amber Diceless Role-Playing system)

By Jason Durall

Your Player's offerings and motion are way more random than cube!

Our international is yet one in all untold many, a flux of probability stuck within the fight among shape and cacophony. regularly, those forces are at warfare, shaping the endless worlds. The immortal, self-appointed sovereigns of conflict circulation among planes of fact with impunity: they're creators, shapers, and destroyers of worlds.

In Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, you're stuck up during this colossal clash. own specified and idiosyncratic magical artifacts, command legions drawn from the myriad of otherworlds, and wield marvelous powers that modify the very substance of fact. even if born into it or gaining knowledge of it later, your personality has inherited a legacy of unbelievable power... and with it nice danger!

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow is an unique sourcebook and role-playing video game utilizing Erick Wujcik’s Diceless Role-Playing process (used in Amber Diceless Role-Playing). this can be a standalone product with an unique surroundings, even though it truly is suitable with Amber Diceless Role-Playing.

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Pathfinder RPG: Ultimate Equipment (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)

By Jason Bulmahn

Equipment up your Pathfinder RPG personality popular with this huge catalog of hundreds of thousands of magic goods, alchemical apparatus, guns, and adventuring equipment! Lavishly illustrated with thousands of full-color illustrations and arranged in a brand new, easy-to-reference structure that teams magic goods by means of "slot," final apparatus kinds all magical and mundane gear published within the hardcover Pathfinder Roleplaying online game line to-date with plenty and a whole bunch new goods to create the main entire treasure source ever created for the Pathfinder RPG! ideal for avid gamers trying to equipment out their characters or online game Masters trying to inventory a dungeon with applicable treasure, final apparatus is a wonderful source for each Pathfinder RPG crusade!

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Hands of the Healer (MERP ICE #2026)

By Mark R. Feil

"Once extra Aragorn bruised leaves of athelas and forged them into the steaming water; and he laved her forehead with it, and her correct arm mendacity chilly and nerveless at the coverlet. Then, even if Aragorn had certainly a few forgotten energy of Westernesse, or even if it was once yet his phrases of the woman Éowyn that wrought them, because the candy impact of the herb stole in regards to the chamber it appeared to those that stood by way of willing wind blew in the course of the window, and it bore no odor, yet was once an air absolutely clean and fresh and younger, as though it had no longer been breathed by means of any residing factor and got here new-made from snowy mountains excessive underneath a dome of stars, or from seashores of silver distant washed by means of seas of froth. 'Awake, Éowyn, woman of Rohan!' stated Aragorn back, and he took her correct hand in his and felt it hot with existence returning." - The go back of the King

The therapeutic course is without doubt one of the such a lot respected callings individual could aspire to in Middle-earth; it's also the most valued professions between adventurers - women and men who face probability and the possibility of harm on a daily basis in their lives.

Hands of the Healer fleshes out a kind of professions traditionally selected via myth avid gamers, no matter if as characters to be performed or NPCs to be searched for their fundamental prone. both valuable to either gamers and gamemasters, this tome presents almost every little thing you possibly can very likely need to know approximately Middle-earth's healers and their craft.

Hand of the Healer features:

- fifty six personality improvement applications - instructions for developing MERP healers (including conversions for the Rolemaster typical procedure) from over forty special cultures. you can now tackle the function of a Northman shaman, a Black Númenórean necromantic priest, an Easterling Night-warder, or a Southron court docket health care provider - each one with distinctive abilities and therapeutic magic!
- NEW scientific talents - With the four new MERP/RMSS abilities of Physic, surgical procedure, Apothecary and Midwifery, you'll be capable of confront any kind of harm or ailment on your event campaign.
- STATIC MANEUVER desk - numerous of the recent abilities and therapeutic powers defined during this publication are observed by way of tables for MERP and RMSS, that you can immediately ensure maneuver effects despite which online game method you're using.
- 296 HERBS, CURATIVES AND POISONS - the biggest compendium of medicinals and poisons ever assembled for a fable position taking part in video game, this exhaustive encyclopedia is the final word reference instrument for herbs and different healing components, comparable to athelas, miruvor or lembas. The compendium references each therapeutic herb or poison that has ever seemed within the Middle-earth sequence to this point, together with sixty seven fullyyt new entries. All are listed in line with atmosphere (mountains, forests, deserts, etc.), therapeutic class (life protection, actual enhancement, floor fix, etc.) and exchange names (Westron, Elvish, etc.).
- MECCG situations - test your therapeutic hand with "The homes of Healing" and "Ioreth's Escort," new eventualities to be used with ICE's Middle-earth Collectible Card online game. encompasses a dozen new MECCG websites for informal play.

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The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game (Dying Earth RPG)

By Robin D. Laws, John Snead, Peter Freeman

A destiny, unimaginably distant…
The sunlight, now in its dotage is a swollen maroon orb. It stutters and blinks. At any second it could possibly ultimately move out.

Earth, immensely old…
Dig anyplace and discover a buried urban or the shore of a vanished sea. Deodand-haunted woods stretch from decadent Kaiin to the Land of the Falling Wall. Erbs and grue hunt within the wilds. remoted villages include spectacular customs. better cities prefer debauchery and mincing murder.

Magic, wealthy and colourful…
Enchantment shapes the realm. Any dabbler might be aware of a couple of easy cantraps. Magicians in lavish manses fight to grasp Earth’s final nice spells, whereas omnipotent cabals intrigue opposed to competitors or plot revenge for historic feuds.

Visit the demise Earth

Enter this shiny international within the first roleplaying video game approved by means of grasp fantasist Jack Vance. right here a flashing sword is less significant than nimble wits, persuasive words,and an exceptional experience of fashion.Create an adventurer for any of 3 other kinds of reports: a customary mortal equivalent to Cugel the shrewdpermanent, surviving by way of wits and crafty an formidable magician looking for misplaced lore, like Turjan of Miir a preferrred mage to rank with Rhialto the Marvellous, commanding the all-powerful yet quarrelsome sandestins.
The death Earth good points effortless, fast-playing ideas that motivate creativity and interplay. No wisdom of Jack Vance’s paintings is required for play,but lovers of the tales will benefit from the finished precis of the world’s areas, creatures,and identified spells

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The '00s (Designers & Dragons, Volume 4)

By Shannon Appelcline

Every little thing YOU’VE desired to learn about THE ORIGINS OF ROLEPLAYING GAMES...

Designers & Dragons: The ’00s is a finished photograph of the hot resurgence of the RPG undefined. the ultimate and so much up-to-date ebook in a 4 quantity sequence, we’ve extra tens of hundreds of thousands of latest phrases and insider details to this quantity by myself. Take an inside of examine d20 businesses, watch the expansion of recent titans like Paizo Publishing, and know about the expansion of indie presses like Evil Hat Productions. despite your gaming historical past, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched heritage won’t disappoint.

In this quantity, you’ll find:

  • A foreword by way of Lisa Stevens, founding father of Paizo Publishing
  • Profiles for twenty-five 2000s gaming businesses together with Paizo Publishing, eco-friendly Ronin, Mongoose Publishing, and yes—Evil Hat
  • The within scoop at the back of video games like Pathfinder, Freeport, destiny, and GUMSHOE
  • Ten stuff you would possibly not find out about roleplaying within the ’00s
  • An vast bibliography and index
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    The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games

    By Michael J. Tresca

    Tracing the evolution of fable gaming from its origins in tabletop battle and collectible card video games to modern web-based stay motion and large multi-player video games, this ebook examines the archetypes and ideas in the fable gaming style along the jobs and features of the sport gamers themselves. different issues contain: how The Hobbit and The Lord of the jewelry assisted in shaping fable gaming via Tolkien's obsessive realization to aspect and digital global construction; the community-based fellowship embraced via gamers of either play-by-post and chronic browser-based video games, although those video games are essentially solo reviews; the origins of gamebooks and interactive fiction; and the evolution of on-line gaming by way of technological functions, media richness, narrative constitution, coding authority, and player roles.

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