Terrors of the Ancient World: A Dungeon World Monster Manual (MM1)

By Johnstone Metzger

Terrors of the traditional international is a set of monsters to enliven your Dungeon global video game. within this e-book you'll find over a dozen new monsters, them all illustrated in wonderful complete colour.

Each monster comes with a few mix of event hooks, customized strikes, traps, fronts and hazards, magical goods, or even a number of maps. Demons might be summoned and bargained with, gods should be worshipped in alternate for brand spanking new spells and different precise powers.

There are gods in your adventurers to worship, demons for them to summon, and monsters for them to slay-or be slain by way of!

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Cthulhu by Gaslight: Horror Roleplaying in 1890s England (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1890s Era, #3303)

By William A. Barton

Moment version, new essays, six full-colour plates, extra maps, revised and corrected... CTHULHU by means of GASLIGHT incorporates a long roleplaying event, 'The Yorkshire Horror' during which investigators sign up for forces with the world's most famed consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes! broad history essays supply interval abilities, social sessions, global politics, biographies and timelines for the Eighteen Nineties, maps and London situation notes (including the simplest tales of the time), trip, criminals and police, Cockney slang, expense of dwelling, royalty and titles, membership lifestyles in London, the occult within the Nineties, costs, and garments. A long essay considers time-travel rationales for relocating investigators of all over again into the Nineties.

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Ancient Enemies

By Matthew Grau

Thicker Than Blood

Underneath the conscientiously crafted global of the hot Earth executive, a illness festers. the kids of Chaos cover in the effective Chrysalis company, brokers of the tip. motive on bringing again the misplaced days of negative outdated gods, they're a hidden tumor that quickly might be too malignant to excise. just one strength has the ability and the secrets and techniques to struggle the enemy inside. Legacy of the Forgotten Ones, the Eldritch Society secretly hunts the youngsters of Chaos. Holy warriors, monsters with the hearts of fellows, fight desperately to avoid wasting humanity. And to the recent Earth govt, its saviors are monsters and its destroyers heroes.

This is the Shadow conflict - so few recognize the truth.

Peel again the layers of secrecy to discover the mysterious Eldritch Society. detect what becoming a member of in symbiosis with a specific thing from past area and time quite capacity. endure mystical metamorphosis to affix extra deeply together with your otherworldly symbiont and think the pull of its wild strength. Pull again the veil to stare into the darkish eyes of the genuine Chrysalis company. supply your self over to the ability of the previous Ones and undergo the notorious ceremony of Transfiguration, sacrificing your humanity for anything greater.

Nowhere else will you discover a environment like this.

Inside this publication you are going to find:

  • Five items of provocative brief fiction to aid painting the texture of the setting.
  • A exact exploration of the Eldritch Society, to provide you a true thought of what it truly is prefer to be a Tager and to struggle within the Shadow War.
  • A first glance behind the scenes on the Chrysalis company and the higher kids of Chaos.
  • New personality techniques, together with new traits and 8 new professions, together with Eldritch Society Lorekeeper and Chrysalis company road Dealer.
  • More pals and foes - new infrequent Tager and 4 new Dhohanoid manifestations.
  • Optional ideas for growing variation Tagers, in order that no manifestations desire be alike.
  • Full ideas for the mysterious Tager metamorphosis, together with ten new metamorphic manifestations.
  • Full principles for designing Dhohanoid Characters and telling Chrysalis company tales, together with fourteen playable Dhohanoid manifestations and 4 new professions.
  • An creation to the arcane instruments of the kids of Chaos, together with new rituals, artifacts, and instruments and guns for the field.
  • A ready-to-play starter tale for Chrysalis company video games, in addition to numerous young children of Chaos tale hooks, to begin you off correct away.
  • This publication is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling online game and calls for the center Book.

    This e-book is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and hectic content material and photographs. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Cthulhu Dark Ages (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, Chaosium #2398)

    By Stephane Gesbert

    [CALL OF CTHULHU ROLEPLAYING] 950 A.D. -- the area is torn aside. Empires and kingdoms have persisted centuries of invasions, and now warlords struggle over the continues to be like wild canine. The clergy is vulnerable and morally wicked, towns are depopulated, exchange is stagnant, and violence reigns in every single place. background is getting into the 6th Age of humankind, the final word age ahead of the tip of the world.The Byzantine Theodoras Philetas translated the "Al Azif" into Greek, and renames it the "Necronomicon." it's going to take a century sooner than that blasphemous tome is ultimately condemned, and such a lot copies destroyed.

    "Cthulhu darkish a long time" keeps Lovecraft's sinister culture of guys and girls suffering opposed to the darkish forces of the Cthulhu Mythos, yet in a time approximately a thousand years earlier than Lovecraft's start. "Cthulhu darkish a long time" is an entire roleplaying video game utilizing Chaosium's vintage "Basic Roleplaying" System.

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    Wraith: The Oblivion (1st Edition)

    By Sam Chupp, Mark Rein-Hagen, Jennifer Hartshorn

    A Storytelling video game of dying and Damnation
    With every one passing day, Oblivion encroaches additional. With each soul that surrenders to Shadow, the top attracts ever nearer.
    The global isn't as we all know it. Decay's candy stench now clings to all we carry expensive. it's referred to as the Shadowlands.
    In dying there's nowhere to conceal, nowhere to run from the detest and worry, soreness and bitterness, the Shadow within.
    Hope is fragile, and few have the braveness, the fervour, to stand demise and say, "I don't cross light into that stable night."

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    The Devil's Spine

    By Monte Cook

    The Devil’s backbone wraps 3 distinctive adventures in an exciting, hard-driving body story—run them (in any order) as a mini-campaign, or forget about the body tale and use them as standalone adventures. they provide gaming teams a style of the glorious Numenera atmosphere and show off the narrative constitution of the sport and its evocative world.

    The terrifying Devil’s backbone graft will declare a lifestyles, and the clock is ticking. removal it is going to ship the characters to the depths of the Mechanized Tomb, right into a net of Viral Transmissions, and eventually off the corebook map and into uncharted territory after they transcend the Maelstrom.

    In addition to introducing new territories now not coated within the Numenera corebook, The Devil’s backbone additionally deals new creatures, characters, and goods so as to add to any crusade.

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    Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Part 1 - Shards of Sin

    • In Varisia's bustling frontier city of Magnimar, the Pathfinder Society's most recent inn recruits a workforce of rookie Pathfinder brokers to trace down rogue agent Natayla Vancaskerkin — who additionally occurs to be a member of the Varisian criminals referred to as the Sczarni. but, whilst Magnimar's most up-to-date heroes music down the lacking lady, they locate way over a Pathfinder at the run, turning into embroiled in a fast increasing hunt for a fragmented artifact from the peak of the traditional empire of Thassilon that would take them to a few of the main harmful corners of Varisia!
    • Shards of Sin is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game event for 1st-level characters. This quantity starts the Shattered megastar experience Path, outlining the fantastic powers of the Sihedron artifact and its seven fragments that shape the foundation of an epic new crusade. New monsters from the wilds of Varisia fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, whereas invoice Ward (Return of the Sword) starts off a brand new novella within the Pathfinder's Journal.

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    Rifts: Phase World: The Three Galaxies

    By Carl Gleba

    Rifts size publication 6: 3 Galaxies
    A consultant to the 3 Galaxies, this ebook takes a glance at dozens of sun platforms, extraordinary planets, opt for alien races, humans, civilizations and monsters, in addition to house anomalies, spaceships and extra. this is often one other sourcebook that's perfect for campaigns related to the Minion battle, the Thundercloud Galaxy, part international and adventures within the 3 Galaxies.
    An assessment of the 3 Galaxies.
    16 O.C.C.s/R.C.C.s together with the Obsidian Spell Thief and area Warlock.
    A part dozen monsters plus the mysterious Necrol.
    More details at the Intruders, Kreeghor, Splugorth and others.
    Draygon Industries and their weapons.
    Demon Stars, Demon Planets and magic starships.
    Notable spaceships and weapon systems.
    The significant Necrol and their residing guns and spacecraft.
    Notable gear of the 3 Galaxies.
    A wealth of history fabric and event ideas.
    Written by way of Carl Gleba.
    160 pages Cat. No. 851.

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    Predators (Werewolf: The Forsaken)

    By Jess Hartley

    Hunt or be Hunted

    the realm of werewolves is worry made flesh. soreness, terror and hatred all take actual shape, and all hunt for prey. The Forsaken are good conscious of those awful threats, and pit themselves opposed to their enemies while the moon rises. yet are werewolves the predators... or are they the prey?

    Blood Flows lower than a whole Moon

    An antagonists complement for Werewolf: The Forsaken, Predators incorporates a horde of threats to pit opposed to the werewolves of your chronicle. inside of are information on spirit foes from past the Gauntlet, and the Ridden they own. additionally integrated is info at the mad Rat and Spider Hosts, and on sizeable foes from the darkest earlier. no matter if you wish foes for a brief and brutal come across or an extended and harrowing hunt, not anything matches the invoice like a ebook packed with predators.

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